Clearing Up Acne Before Wedding Day

Clear Up Acne Before The “Big Day”

Congratulations on your engagement!

You want your wedding day to be perfect, from the flowers and music to your dress or tux. But if you have acne you have another big worry — how your skin will look on the wedding day.

Although nothing can guarantee flawless skin for your wedding, the right management can greatly improve acne. Follow these steps to help get your acne under control before your wedding.

Advanced Dermatology – Acne Treatments

Acne treatments don’t work overnight, and you may need to try several options before hitting on one that works for you. Keep time on your side. See a doctor as soon as possible to ensure treatments have plenty of time to work.

Even if you don’t need a prescription acne treatment, your dermatologist can suggest effective OTC products, saving you time and money shopping around.

Discuss the possibilities for scar treatment. Your dermatologist will also assist you if acne scar treatments are needed. Usually, your doctor will want acne to be under control before starting a scar treatment program.

Even if you don’t have true scarring, many people find that as their acne starts to clear they are left with uneven skin tone, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

bridal skin care checklist

Acne Regime – Wedding Day Checklist

10-12 Months Before:
Start a strict skin care regimen. A good skin care routine will include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection, and will incorporate your acne treatment medications.

Head to your nearest day spa. You may want to invest in a series of acne treatment facials. A well-trained esthetician can give deep-cleansing facial treatments and extract stubborn blackheads. She’ll also recommend skin care products if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices.

Remember, though, that an esthetician isn’t a substitute for a dermatologist. There are things an esthetician can’t do for acne.

If you’re using prescription acne medications, get your doctor’s OK before having a facial done. Also tell the esthetician about any acne treatment you’re using, even over-the-counter products.

8-10 Months Before:
Book a makeup artist. If you’re opting to have a pro do your makeup, now is the time to start lining one up. Meet with a few makeup artists, and let them show you their work.

Grooms — ask your bride-to-be’s makeup artist to carve out a few minutes to touch up any blemishes you have. Don’t worry, this is a common practice and the results are very natural.

6-8 Months Before:
Take stock of what’s working, and what isn’t. Let your doctor know how the treatments are working. Are you noticing side effects? Are you seeing improvement? There’s still time to try another treatment if needed.

4-6 Months Before:
Manage stress. By now you’re totally immersed in wedding-planning details and starting to feel the pressure. A few studies have shown a link between acne severity and stress. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence as well.

Take plenty of time to de-stress. Try yoga, meditation, reading, running, or any other activity that helps you feel more centered. If alleviating stress doesn’t help your skin, it will at least help you enjoy the wedding planning.

2-4 Months Before:
Continue using your treatments consistently. You’re busy planning all those last-minute details, but don’t let your acne treatments fall by the wayside. Remember, consistency is important, so no skipping days! (Here are some tips to help you remember your treatments, even on your busiest days.)

Also, don’t let your busy schedule preempt your dermatologist visits. Keeping them now is just as important as ever.

Even if your skin is clear, keep using your medications diligently. Acne treatments don’t cure acne; they just control it. Once you stop using them acne is likely to return.

1-2 Months Before:
Schedule your last facial treatment. If you’ve been having regular facials, get your last treatment done a few weeks prior to the wedding.

Don’t get a facial less than one week before the wedding, especially a procedure like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or even extractions. The last thing you want is a red or splotchy complexion for the wedding.

If you’re keen on having a salon treatment done, instead of a facial try a relaxing massage or body wrap instead.

1-2 Weeks Before:
Don’t try any new treatments. Now is not the time to start a new acne treatment or skin care product. The last thing you need is a reaction to a new product, or excessively dry, peeling skin.

Don’t pick, pop, or squeeze. With the wedding just around the corner, you’re starting to scrutinize your skin. Resist the urge to pop those pimples.

1-2 Days Before:
Get a cortisone shot. It’s everyone’s worst fear — a massive pimple appearing just before the wedding day.

Cortisone injections to the rescue! A cortisone shot helps reduce inflammation and flattens out those big blemishes, sometimes within a matter a few hours.

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of having a cortisone shot done before you desperately need one. Then, if the need arises you can be in and out, without a big fuss.

Day of the Wedding:
Relax! If your skin isn’t as clear as you’d like, don’t panic. Remember, makeup can do wondrous things. Let the makeup artists do their work.

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is a board certified dermatologist who has a practice in New York.  Dr Lawrence Jaeger specializes in the treatment of all skin, hair and nail disorders including all skin growths.

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