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How To Determine If You Have A Sun Allergy
Larry Jaeger often encounters people who think they have a sun allergy. With exposure to sunlight, they experience symptoms such as itching, hives or burning. Some have visible rashes while others don’t. Some have a medical condition which makes them more sensitive to sunlight; others are using various medications or topical agents that cause a reaction on the skin when exposed to sun.

Sunscreen Allergy
Dr. Larry Jaeger has many years experience successfully treating patients who have had adverse reactions to sunscreen.
While contact dermatitis to sunscreens is not as common as allergy to cosmetics, it is not rare. The reaction to sunscreens can occur anywhere the substance is applied on the body, although it tends to be more common on the areas of the body with the most exposure to the sun. This is called “photo-contact dermatitis.” Photo-contact dermatitis usually occurs in a sun-exposed pattern on the body.These areas would include the face (but not the eyelids), the “V” area of the upper chest and lower neck, the backs of the hands and the forearms. The area of the neck under the chin is usually not affected.

Other Causes of Rashes with Sun Exposure

Other forms of reactions to the sun are not caused by allergies.

As an experienced New York City Dermatologist, Larry Jaeger has treated many patients with severe reactions to the sun. Some of these, such as polymorphous light eruption, are usually mild and not serious conditions. Other diseases that cause sensitivity to sunlight, such as porphyria and systemic lupus erythematosus, can be serious medical conditions. Therefore, anyone who experiences rashes as a result of sun exposure should consult their physician.